Sex Education

Fundamental changes in American society due to sexual revolution contributed to the destruction of the old system of values and formation of sexual liberation. Thus, a significant portion of Americans are supporters of sex education for young people. Sex education of American youth is a part of the purposeful activity of the state and society in educational institutions. The main purpose of sex education is the formation of values to oneself and other people, the development of social and sexual roles and the construction of an adequate sex-role type of behavior and activity. There are three main methods of sex education: abstinence-only, abstinence-plus and comprehensive programs. Abstinence-only method teaches that sexual relationships should be delayed until marriage. Comprehensive programs provide useful information on pregnancy prevention, birth control and contraception.
Abstinence-only education does not lower sexual activity among teenagers, while abstinence-plus method, which is focused on delayed first intercourse and contraception, has more positive results. Abstinence-only method does not contribute to protection from AIDS or reducing pregnancy. Comprehensive programs are the most effective because they teach about condom use, abortion, and diseases. Young people, who get detailed information about sexuality, pregnancy and contraception, will be able to avoid risky sexual behavior. Such sex education is based on a positive attitude toward sexual behavior, balanced information about potential health hazards and the adverse consequences of this behavior. Young people should be in harmony with their sexuality in order to learn how to make responsible decisions. Therefore, if the teacher promotes abstinence, suggests postponing an onset of sexual activity, it is essential to expose teenagers to reliable methods of contraception and possible consequences of sexual activity.
Concluding, sex education plays crucial role because it contributes to the harmonious development of the younger generation and improves the sexological knowledge. It helps in giving full formation of fertility in a future wife (husband) and in creating a sense of responsibility for health and well-being, strengthening marriage and family.
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